Edp Orpheon
Edp Orpheon

Edp Orpheon


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At the heart of this composition are the warmth of tonka bean, the depth of cedar, the richness of jasmine and the vivacity of juniper berries.
Orphéon eau de parfum is a tribute. An olfactory portrait of a legendary bar where the founders of Diptyque loved to get together, amid curls of tobacco smoke, powdery trails of blusher and burnished wood.

Paris in the early 60s. The Saint-Germain quarter was alive with the rhythm of all-night sessions in jazz clubs and artistic encounters.

People would discuss the world, dance and laugh in a warm atmosphere as vibrant as it was elegant... Orphéon was one of the bars, filled with joyful effervescence, where the three founders of the nearby Diptyque boutique liked to meet.

Today, paying tribute to this era and to creative friendships, the bar is immortalised in the olfactory portrait that bears its name: Orphéon.

Freeze frame: plumes of tobacco smoke mingle with powdery trails of blusher, lingering on burnished wood.

At the heart of the composition is the atmosphere of that unforgettable place, recognisable through the warmth of the tonka bean, the depth of cedar and the vivacity of juniper berries.

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