B21 Dark Spot Radiance Serum

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Correcting: reduces melanin levels. 

Preventing: neutralizes oxidation and other factors that accelerate the appearance of dark spots. 

Preserving: Stimulates the skin's cellular activity (collagen and elastin production). It acts powerfully dark spots at all stages of formation. Visibly reduces and counteracts their appearance, restoring the skin to its full healthy radiance and glow.

Skin Type: For people of any age with dark spots of any kind (e.g., sun, acne, age, and pregnancy spots).

Skin Concerns: Dark spots of any kind. 

Key Ingredients:

Exclusive Youth Reset Complex, 21 amino acids extracted from the Pale Blue Iris stem cells, plant based complex.


This active ingredient acts at all stages of the formation, maturation and transport of melanin. Itdecreases the quantity of melanin in the epidermis and the spots.

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