Blending Nature & Science with April Gargiulo

Dive into the captivating story behind Vintner's Daughter, and the founder, April Gargiulo’s, journey in harmonizing nature and science within the realm of skincare. She redefined the standards of skincare by seamlessly blending the purity of botanical extracts with the precision of scientific research. Join us as we navigate through the clinical studies that support the efficacy of her products and see the commitment to authenticity, innovation, and the timeless beauty of nature.
April Gargiulo's responses are as follows: 
1. How do you blend nature & science with your brand?
At Vintner’s Daughter, we believe in the power of both nature and science, made all the more powerful when they work together in harmony. Just like nature, our formulas are not single one-note formulas, they are as complex and sophisticated as our beautiful skin. Behind every product lies a story of meticulous research, innovative formulas and proven results.
 I come from the world of fine winemaking in Napa Valley. Like winemaking, we rely on both age-old and new technologies to accomplish our singular level of connection with the skin. Also, like winemaking we are patient in our approach and understand that in order to make the very best, you must start with the very best raw materials and honor them through meticulous formulation processes. In a skincare world where fast and cheap alternatives are abundant, this foundation in quality and old-world process has allowed Vintner’s Daughter to service the skin in such a powerful way. We are thrilled to have completed our first-ever clinical trials and rigorous testing to ensure we have the most positive impact on our customers’ skin and the results have redefined the standards of natural skincare.
2. Can you tell us about the two types of clinical studies you performed and what all this means? 
This is a great question. Perception studies rely on the perceptions the individuals in the study have of the product on their skin. There is a lot of room for interpretation as you can imagine. Instrumentation relies on the actual measurement of the skin when using the product with specialized instruments. There is no room for interpretation in these studies. Most published results are from a perception study only which are generally more positive and less expensive to produce than instrumentation. 
Unusually, we did both and received incredible results from both. While we are not what you would call a “clinical” brand, our results proved what we already knew – that our nutritional formulas not only positively impact the skin immediately, but over time, the results compound.
3. What are the key ingredients in Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum, and how do they benefit the skin?
Active Botanical Serum was created to be so much more than a face oil, which is why we called it a serum. What drives this distinction is our commitment to the absolute finest quality ingredients, craftsmanship and performance. It takes 3 weeks to make every bottle because we do not take shortcuts. If you want to make the very best, you have to honor that intention every step of the way. This is why at the heart of Active Botanical Serum  lies our Phyto Radiance Infusion, a 3 week long process that uniquely begins with the world's most nutrient whole botanicals and over the course of weeks captures their full spectrum of nutrition. 
With every drop your skin receives the most optimal ratios of brightening and protective antioxidants, balancing minerals, renewing vitamins and firming phytoceramides. Think of it as your super-charged, multi-beneficial moisture boost. It may replace antioxidant serums, moisturizer, omega treatments, barrier restore products, face oil, and over the counter retinols. The level of communication between skin and each of our products is unlike anything else. When you use it, you not only feel the Vintner's Daughter glow, you see it.
4. What clinical evidence supports the effectiveness of Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence in improving skin hydration and texture?
Active Treatment Essence’s award winning “facial in a bottle” formula contains the power of eight different products in one shockingly effective formula. It is your antioxidant boost, multi-level hydrator, vitamin c, hyaluronic, exfoliation, toner, barrier support and prebiotic in one. Its incredible clinical results help tell the multi beneficial story. Based on an 8-week clinical trial of 30 participants: 
97% agree product left their skin feeling hydrated after use
94% agree product evens out their skin tone
94% agree product visibly plumps their skin
94% agree product improves their overall skin health
94% agree product left their skin looking bright and illuminated 
91% agree product helps to minimize the size and frequency of breakouts

    5. What is the recommended method for using Vintner's Daughter Active Renewal Cleanser, and how does it contribute to skin renewal?
    Active Renewal Cleanser is distinctive because it combines the comprehensive makeup, sunscreen and daily build-up cleansing power of a double cleanse process, but with a single step. It also leaves the skin feeling more hydrated, plumper, more radiant and perfectly prepped for subsequent steps. It's a single step that not only thoroughly cleanses the skin, but also invigorates the skin so that it is more healthy, PH-balanced, more plump, clear, brighter, and it’s hard to put into words, but just feels renewed and energized with each cleanse. You actually begin to look forward to cleansing. 
    To apply, dispense 2-3 pumps of cleanser into damp hands. Rub hands together to activate cleanser and apply to the face. Massage in a circular motion to create a gentle foaming action for 30-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Active Renewal Cleanser can also be used as a flash mask for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. For best results, use daily morning and evening. Follow with Active Treatment Essence and then Active Botanical Serum for a beautifully simple and effective routine.
    6. What is the efficacy of your skincare products?
    For a product to wear a Vintner’s Daughter label, it must be game-changing, category defining and deliver multi-beneficial results. These are very high standards that take years to achieve. Our formulation process is a study in the methodical attention to detail and adherence to the highest levels of quality. Uniquely, we begin with whole plants sourced from conscious growers around the world. They are amongst the most nutrient-dense botanicals in the world and have been revered since ancient times for their multi-beneficial, healing properties. Our time-honored formulation methods occur over the course of weeks versus industry-standard hours, and ensure that the full spectrum of these incredible plants’ skin-beautifying nutrition is captured and delivered to the skin with every drop.
    As a result, our formulas are made from the same nutritive structures as the skin and are able to communicate in a deeper way to amplify the skin’s own powers of healing, regeneration, and balance, to create real and lasting change. Because we wanted to ensure that the incredible micro-circulatory properties of the botanicals were properly amplified, we developed the Push/Press Method of application. It is an efficient way to help increase absorption and efficacy.
    Thank you April Gargiulo, for the wonderful insight behind how you blend nature & science with your brand and the clinical studies that back it!

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