Microbiome Barrier Repair Purifying Cleanser

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BeautyStat Cosmetics is proud to introduce Universal Microbiome Barrier Balancing Cleanser the latest in the Universal collection of breakthroughs, patented skincare products.

A new dimension in facial cleansing that raises the bar for skincare. Unfortunately, we are in a new world today where we are exposed to new and dangerous pollutants, germs, and viruses. These new enemies threaten the very health of our skin and our well-being. And mask-wearing only exacerbates the problem. Traditional cleansers just don’t cut it.

This gentle rinse off foaming cleanser fights this new enemy “germ warfare,” containing a unique and patented form of medical-grade silver MicroSilver BGTM that offers powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that eliminate and defend against pathogens and environmental hazards, invisibly remaining on the skin surface where it is needed most. It even fights to eliminate Maskne. Formulated for all skin types including sensitive, it contains a unique complex of 5 mild coconut based surfactants, desensitizing squalane and lecithin (sunflowers) rich in fatty acids, softening and moisturizing while the skin is purified, removing makeup, grime, excess sebum without drying. The natural skin flora, the microbiome is

Additionally, a proprietary blend of barrier protecting and repairing vegan ceramides, pomegranate sterol and linoleic acid (vitamin F) and additional emollients leave skin feeling strong, clean, moisturized and protected. Combined with MicroSilver BGTM these ingredients help incorporate the silver into the surface layers of the skin for continued protection.

How to use: Use twice daily, in the morning to brighten, refresh and arm your defenses to face the day, at night to remove makeup and accumulated waste of the day while continuing the protect the skin from environmental hazards. Lather a small amount onto wet palms. Massage onto wet face. Rinse thoroughly. 

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