Winter Skincare Routine with Joanna Czech

As the winter chill settles in, it's time to revamp our skincare routines, and who better to turn to for expert advice than renowned skincare guru Joanna Czech? In the frosty months, she emphasizes the importance of hydration and protection against harsh weather conditions. Her winter skincare tips focus on maintaining a healthy skin barrier, combating dryness, and achieving a radiant complexion. Discover the secrets to winter-ready skin and let Joanna Czech guide you through the cold season with her expert insights.
Let’s dive into the tips and tricks for keeping your skin hydrated all season long! Joanna Czech’s answers are below:
1. What are your top 3 must-have skincare items for Winter?
For winter, you want to focus on hydrating, calming, and protecting the skin during the extreme temperatures.
My 3 go-to's are The Toner The Soothing Serum, and The Balm
2. How does your skincare change as the season progresses into Winter? Are there any products in particular that you switch out?
As the season transitions into Winter, adjusting your skincare routine becomes essential  for combatting common challenges like dryness, windburn, and broken capillaries. One key product that tackles this that many of my clients switch to during colder months is a thicker moisturizer to fortify their skin's barrier. The Balm stands out as a must-have for winter skincare. Despite its denser consistency, it seamlessly melts into the skin, offering an effective solution for addressing the Winter skin issues. This oil-based product serves as a protective layer, hydrates the skin and prevents moisture loss. During this season, it's also crucial to adopt a more gentle approach to skincare and reduce any aggressive treatments like exfoliation. 
3. Walk us through your morning Winter skincare routine.
When adjusting your morning and evening skincare routine, I like to recommend that people use the morning to protect their skin during the day and that their evening routine is to treat their skin during the time of relaxation and restoration.
Morning routine:
Cleanse - use warm or lukewarm water or The Cleansing Wipes  
Tone - The Toner 
Serums - Mix The Soothing Serum with The C+ Serum
Moisturize - The Balm 
4. What about your nighttime Winter skincare routine?
Cleanse - Double cleanse with an oil cleanser followed by a milky cleanser 
Tone - The Toner 
Vitamin A 
Eye Cream 
Moisturize - The Balm
5. What inspired you to create this brand?
After over 35 years as an esthetician, I wanted to provide people with products that were nourishing, effective, and easy to use/understand. I saw so many people who were overtreated or using products that were causing a reaction to their skin. Since I’ve started my line, we haven’t had one customer who’s had an adverse reaction which I credit to my years of research and choosing the highest quality ingredients. 
6. Are there any other beauty brands or products right now that you're loving (within our selection)?
For eyes, I love the 111SKIN eye masks as well as Bioeffect Imprinting Eye Mask.
From U Beauty I love the Plasma Lip Compound and Mantle Skin Conditioning Wash
For candles, Byredo has been my new favorite! We have them in our spa, and I love their scents that have patchouli notes to them.
7. Do you have any advice for people who are newly starting out with skincare?
I highly recommend consulting with a skincare professional. Given that each person has unique skincare requirements and specific conditions to address, seeking professional advice can be instrumental in tailoring a skincare routine that suits individual needs.
Thank you Joanna Czech, for sharing your expert skincare tips and tricks that we will use through Winter and beyond. We are looking forward to implementing these into our daily routine to achieve our best skin ever!

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