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Wondering how RéVive got started and what’s kept them in the industry this long? We interviewed the founder, Dr. Brown, asking him burning questions about skincare, product efficacy and the brand’s incredible history. We even received helpful tips and tricks for the perfect regimen and recommendations on which products to use. Stay tuned to find out!

Revive Intensite Complete Anti-Aging Serum

To get a deep understanding of what sets RéVive apart, and what has been easy/difficult for them to execute, Dr. Brown’s answers are below.

1. Can you give us a brief overview of your background?
I am a Kentucky native and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Louisville. From there I studied surgery at Harvard University and became a fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University. I started my career as a general surgeon, working almost entirely with burn victims. RéVive was launched after I employed a multimillion-dollar study on the cosmetic application of a bio-mimetic, lab-derived Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a molecule originally famed for its healing effects on burn victims and one that rejuvenates otherwise healthy skin. We were able to show real results to prove we increased cell turnover and began using RéVive on patients in 1991.

2. Tell us how your partnership with Lily Garfield and Cos Bar began, and has remained for over 25 years?
Lily and the entire Cos Bar team have been AMAZING partners. You launched RéVive in CosBar when we were a true start-up and only had 4 SKUs in the range and were completely unknown to the world. You took a chance on us and have supported the brand so well over the years. Thank you for believing in us – then and now. You even opened a store in my native, Kentucky! I know you did that just for me!

3. What was your vision for RéVive when you first started 25 years ago and how has that changed or remained?
The most fun I ever had was starting the RéVive brand. With the creation of RéVive I seamlessly merged my knowledge of science and medicine with skincare. The result is a product that delivers the aesthetic only a surgeon could achieve. There is nothing surgically that can do what RéVive does to give one the dewy glow and beautiful skin of youth.

Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream

4. What makes the RéVive brand different from others?
With RéVive, much of what we’ve put into the products originated in medicine. Our formulas are inspired by patented and Nobel Prize-winning technology in the medical field. We’ve examined the research and clinical trials from medicine and translated those findings into beauty. Our approach with RéVive is to provide results that can’t be achieved surgically – the Bio Renewal Technology throughout the line helps to renew and retexture for glowing skin.

5. What is the perfect skincare regimen in your opinion?
My nighttime routine is very simple. I cleanse using our Foaming Cleanser, then use our Intensité Anti Aging Serum. Lastly, the iconic Moisturizing Renewal Cream, our hero product with glycolic acid.

6. Tell us your top 2 must-have products from RéVive at the moment.
Starting off with our Moisturizing Renewal Cream. This was the first product I created 25 years and it continues to be a bestseller to this day. Containing our signature Bio-Renewal Peptide and featuring Glycolic Acid, this powerful perfecting night cream gently exfoliates, retextures, renews and moisturizes facial skin. I also love our new Peau Serum which has all 3 of our Bio Renewal Peptides that is like botox in a bottle.

7. What is the most difficult product to create or execute?
The most difficult products to create are cleansers. It’s very hard to find the balance between cleansing the skin and having it feel clean without stripping it of the essential moisture it needs.

8. What is the easiest/most exciting product to create or execute?
The most exciting products to create are the ones using an ingredient or technology we haven’t used before. Our new Peau Magnifique Serum that launched last Fall is the only RéVive product that contains all 3 of our Bio Renewal Peptides and a Quad Drone Delivery System to provide targeted age-defying results.

Revive Foaming Cleanser Enriched Hydrating Wash

9. What are your skincare recommendations for people who are looking to address aging concerns?
In my opinion, SPF is the most important anti-aging ingredient you can use on any area of the body that is exposed to the sun. For daily protection on more sensitive parts of the body, such as the neck, which has more delicate skin than your face or décolletage, or if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, use an SPF 15. It’ll provide protection without overloading the skin, which can lead to irritation or inflammation.

10. Can you give some tips to someone who is new to skincare?
Anyone new to skincare should remember ‘less is more’, keep it simple...YOU, the individual, know your skin better than anyone. As I am sure you have heard me say before, the single most important product you can put on your skin is sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.

11. What do you attribute to the success of RéVive over the last 25 years?
What makes RéVive so successful is our products do what they say they are going to do. They are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and are efficacious. We clinically test every product, so we know what results can be achieved.

12. What are some exciting plans you have for the future of RéVive?
This Fall we are launching 2 new products that provide instant lifting, firming and tightening results. Our Fermitif Neck Serum really focuses on the lifting and firming of the neck and decolletage and is the perfect complement to our Fermitif Neck Cream SPF 15. Also, our Masque Des Yeux Instant is a hydrogel mask that instantly brightens and refreshes the eye area. The consumer claims on both of these are like nothing we’ve seen before!


Revive's doctor Brown

Thank you Dr. Brown, for sharing how RéVive started and giving us insight on the exciting new products! We can’t wait to start implementing these tips into our daily routine and achieve our best skin ever.


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