Lifestyle Tips to Elevate your Skin

Having the right skincare products can do wonders for your complexion, but incorporating healthy lifestyle rituals are also equally as important! From nutrition, hydration, hygiene, to sleep, we share everything on how to take your skin goals to the next level!

Glowing from Within

When it comes to clear and healthy skin, what you put inside of your body is just as important as what you put on the outside. For glowing skin, focusing on foods suchs as ones that are proactive against free radicals and environmental stressors are a must. Foods that are high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, are a great food choice for building up healthy skin cells. Some vegetables that have especially high antioxidant levels are kale, sweet potato, carrots, and spinach, so make sure to get those fruits and veggies every day!

You’ve heard us rave about Vitamin C in past blogs when it comes to skincare products, but fruits with vitamin C can also be a great source of antioxidants to boost your skin from within! When you consume vitamin C, you can immensely build your immune system and promote radiance, so that when blemishes occur, your body can heal them faster. Not to mention, vitamin C is necessary for collagen production, another thing our skin just can’t get enough of! We recommend fruits like oranges, kiwi, and blueberries for optimal antioxidants and vitamin C.

Alongside healthy nutritional foods, drinking water is also crucial for achieving a radiant complexion. To increase hydration and improve your skin’s elasticity, it is recommended to drink at least six glasses a day.

Not only is it important to pay attention to what you are eating every day, but you also want to be mindful about what not to eat, or at least foods to eat in moderation. It is not uncommon for milk and dairy products to contain hormones, which can throw off your body’s natural hormone balance and cause breakouts. Similarly, foods with high sugar levels cause your body to produce insulin which again, can interfere with natural hormone levels. To help keep a healthy diet we love The Nue Co. Metabolism Supplement because it stabilizes sugar cravings and boosts your metabolic rate.

Catch Up on Your Beauty Sleep

<data-uw-styling-context="true">Sleep is essential for beautiful skin because this is the time our cells regenerate and repair, and in order for proper cell-turn over to occur in our skin, we need plenty of sleep! Additionally, when these skin cells regenerate during sleep, they produce collagen, a key protein for strong and healthy skin. In other words, no sleep equals less collagen! Another reason to improve your Z’s is because of the increase in blood flow that takes place when our bodies are at rest. When blood flow increases, it allows for more plump skin and a lively complexion.

When we are sleep-deprived, our bodies naturally increase cortisol levels, making it harder for our immune systems to fight off any problems such as acne or dull skin. Lack of sleep can also cause adverse appearances such as dark circles, puffiness, and premature wrinkles. To improve your deep sleep, try adding the HUM Beauty zzZz Sleep Supplement into your routine. Take 20 minutes before bedtime to assist in your dreamy slumber.

Another one of our favorite sleeping aids is This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. A quick spritz of this lavender and chamomile formula onto your pillow is the perfect recipe to a good night’s sleep. Be sure to prioritize self-care and rest as it’s a crucial factor in achieving your skin goals!

Incorporate Movement

Similar to sleeping, exercise can increase your blood flow as it increases oxygen levels to fuel your skin cells to their optimal health. Not only will increased blood flow from working up a sweat bring good to your body, but it will also keep the bad out! After going on a run, taking a walk, or lifting some weights, the healthy blood flow will flush away free radicals and detoxify any unwanted particles that could be interfering with your clear complexion. Another reason we love adding exercise into our daily routine is because of its powerful way of reducing stress levels. So grab your Slip Silk Scrunchie and get ready to work up a sweat!

Keep it Clean

First things first, cleaning your makeup brushes that you use daily is necessary in order to avoid bacteria buildup, which leads to acne. In order to avoid bacteria buildup, it is suggested to sanitize your brushes at least once a week! By regularly cleaning your brushes, it will help extend the life of your brushes’ bristles and create a smoother application. If your brushes are dirty, it allows your application to be spotty and makes blending difficult.

There are a variety of different ways to clean your brushes such as just using some soap and water. But make sure to use a very gentle soap since regular soap can dry out the bristles. To avoid any damage to brushes, our favorite way to clean our brushes is with the Jenny Patinkin Vegan Brush Soap. The sulfate-free, fragrance-free, antibacterial and anti-microbial formula washes away oils and pigments without leaving a residue or drying out the bristles!

Another thing to keep clean that we often forget about is our pillowcases! While you sleep, your body naturally sheds thousands of skin cells that attract dust mites. It also traps residual makeup, bacteria, dirt, and oil so it is recommended to wash your pillowcase at least once a week. If you’re struggling with breakouts, switching out your pillowcase on a regular basis can play a key factor in clearing up your skin! A pillowcase we absolutely adore is the Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase. This luxurious pillowcase is made out of 100% silk to help maintain your skin’s moisture and reduce tugging on the skin to avoid wrinkles.

Stress Relief

Constantly busy and looking for a way to de-stress? Science has proven that having a 3-step skincare routine can help reduce cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone the body produces when under pressure. Our de-stress skincare routine starts off with the Tata Harper Softening Cleanser. This cleanser is ultra-soothing and gently removes impurities. Next, we apply the RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Hydrogel which helps instantly rejuvenate the skin. To seal in moisture, follow with the Bioeffect EGF Hydrating Cream. This moisturizer deeply hydrates and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

Already have your skincare routine locked in? Try the Hum Calm Sweet Calm gummies to melt away stress after a long day! Not only do they taste great, these vegan gummies are formulated with specific doses of ashwagandha to help reduce cortisol levels and manage the effects of stress on the mind and body.


Pairing the right skincare products with these lifestyle tips are guaranteed to elevate your skin! Taking small steps such as cleaning your makeup brushes or getting more sleep can amount to big results. It’s always important to set aside time for self-care and we hope these tips will help you to always feel and look your best!


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