At-Home Facial Routine with Tina Craig

Tina Craig, the visionary founder of U Beauty, shares invaluable insights into her at-home facial routine, seamlessly incorporating her latest product innovation. Renowned for her commitment to skincare excellence, Tina's routine sets the stage for a radiant complexion. Her tips highlight the power of U Beauty's newest product, The Super Intensive Face Oil, and how to seamlessly integrate it into the regimen for enhanced results. Read on to discover the luxurious ritual with a journey towards revitalized skin.
Join us to hear about her latest launch and how to seamlessly incorporate it into your routine!
Tina Craig’s answers are below:
 1. What inspired you to create U Beauty?
I was in search of a simple yet effective skincare routine that provided real results without irritation, without taking up too much time and energy. Cosmetic confusion had left me with a cluttered beauty counter and even more cluttered 15-step daily routine, yet my skin was struggling. I had to make a change, and I knew if I felt this way, so did other people. Since I couldn’t find the solution I was looking for, I created it myself! Of course, with the help of our amazing team and clinical-grade lab in Italy. 
U Beauty is high-performance, multifunctional skincare driven by science that’s designed to streamline your routine and maximize your results. Thanks to our proprietary SIREN Capsule Technology, we’re able to deliver powerful active ingredients to areas of the skin that need them with precision-accuracy—and without risk of irritation.
2. Tell us about the new SUPER Intensive Face Oil.
A highly anticipated follow-up to our bestselling The SUPER Hydrator, The SUPER Intensive Face Oil brings the same hydrating power you know and love to a slick, silky, sexy new formula, one that’s unlike any face oil you’ve ever tried. This breakthrough oil-moisturizer hybrid is built to prevent and resolve dry, dehydrated skin like never before. 
I call it U Beauty’s ultimate skinfluencer. Designed to influence and train your skin to synthesize and resupply your own natural moisture factor, it makes your skin look healthier and firmer with locked-in hydration, treating signs of age, stress, and visible signs of oxidative damage for unprecedented defense. 
Not only does it soften and hydrate, we’re going beneath the skin’s layer with this gentle-yet-powerful formula to synthesize. 
3. Why and how did you come up with this launch?
I always knew we were going to create an oil; it just had to be unlike anything else out there. I also have been obsessed with the concept of an oil that’s not just super-satisfying to apply and provides unreal results but essentially teaches your skin to hold onto more moisture and become healthier-looking in the long-term. The idea is to totally remodel the skin, like no product has done before.
4. How would you use the new SUPER Intensive Face Oil in your current skincare routine?
The SUPER Intensive Face Oil is designed to be layered with your current products and worked effortlessly into your routine, especially with your other moisturizing products, like the essential SUPER Hydrator. 
I recommend first applying your foundational products, like the Resurfacing Compound, RETURN Eye Concentrate, and yes, The SUPER Hydrator. 
For normal to oily skin types, finish with The SUPER Intensive Face Oil or The SUPER Hydrator—both provide hydration and visible anti-aging benefits. 
But if you’re experiencing dry or dehydrated skin, layer up! Use The SUPER Hydrator first, and finish with The SUPER Intensive Face Oil as the last step in your routine.
5. What are your top 3 favorite items from your brand?
I honestly wouldn’t want to live without any products in the U Beauty suite–that’s why I created them. Of course, The SUPER Intensive Face Oil  is my current favorite. Intensely concentrated yet ultra-gentle, this advanced oil-hydrator hybrid ensures dry skin is quenched in even the driest of climates, while elasticity, smoothness, and plumpness visibly rebound. The visible impact of environmental stressors is strategically eased to reveal a supple, healthier-looking complexion with an instant lustrous glow. 
The Resurfacing Compound will always be my OG favorite. Nothing gives you that glass skin, faster and better.
And I don’t go a morning or evening without applying The RETURN Eye Concentrate. It’s the best eye cream you’ve ever tried. It visibly smooths away fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness, and skin instantly appears plumper, healthier, and re-texturized.
6. Do you have any skincare advice for us?
My #1 beauty advice (and it’s free!) is to never use scalding-hot water to wash your face. Cold or room temperature water won’t strip skin of essential lipids. 
Good skin is synonymous with self-confidence. Instead of covering up the face with makeup, embrace your healthy, glowy skin. It starts from the inside-out, taking care of yourself holistically. This is advice that my grandmother taught me from a young age, and I swear by it. Whether that’s meditation or work out–whatever makes you feel good from the inside should essentially make your skin glow.
Thank you Tina Craig, the Face Oil sounds divine and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and incorporate it into our beauty routine!

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