We are in a global waste crises and the beauty industry plays a big role.

The beauty industry generates and estimate 120 billion cosmetic packages annually, most of which are made with virgin plastic and are unlikely to be recycled. Packaging can last for may decades, even hundreds of years, and often pollutes communities and ecosystems.

Provide a solution for hard to recycle beauty packaging and work toward greater circularity and sustainability in the industry.

'Hard-to-recycle' is defined as plastic packaging smaller than a yogurt cup often made up of mixed materials like squeezable tubes, pumps, caps, and other common beauty packaging. These are unlikely to be recycled in curbside programs.
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Cos Bar is partnering with PACT to implement an In-Store Recycling Program in all our stores!

After Customers have finished their beauty products, they can bring empty and clean containers back to Cos Bar for recycling
- Approved containers are placed in PACT x Cos Bar Recycling bins
- Clients receive 50 B. Cos Loyalty Points for each recycling visit (maximum of 4 per month).

- All product packaging must be empty and clean before being placed in the recycling bin.
- Cos Bar will accept qualifying items from Brands we do not carry.